Category: Digital Documentation

  • What is Digital Documentation?

    In simple words digital documentation is a method by which a company can convert paper documents into digital format. An electronic image of the original paper document is created which can be viewed on a computer. There are many benefits of converting paper into digital format and that is why it has been seen that […]

  • How Digital Documentation helps business

    There are many instances and examples to prove that not only is digital documentation a cost effective solution but also helps improve the performance of the company. We will look into this by taking an example. Example: The Director of the company urgently wants some documents of client A – a bill and undertaking around […]

  • Benefits of digital documentation

    Digital documentation provides a secure, speedy, long term and cost effective method of storing and retrieving data. Data stored on a CD / DVD / Blu-Ray is in read-only format i.e. a person cannot alter data directly on to a CD / DVD / Blu-Ray. Hence data becomes tamper proof, which is not possible in […]

  • Who can Benefit from digital documentation

    Any company, individual or firm, who store data on paper can benefit from digital documentation. It is suitable for: Pharmaceutical / Manufacturing / Telecom / Trading / Engineering / Construction and many such companies Firms / Individuals like: Doctors, Hospitals, Charted Accountants, Lawyers Marketing Research firms having voluminous data on paper Insurance companies / Insurance […]

  • Why to outsource digital documentation solution

    Some people may argue as to why the firm or company must outsource the digital documentation solution. The answer is quite simple. It is more cost effective as well as the company can benefit from latest technologies which is not possible in case of in-house activity as it may not be feasible as well as […]