Epaperz is a multi solution firm engaged in the IT business for over eighteen years. The journey to provide cost effective solutions began in 2000 and the main focus of Epaperz has been delivering quality but at reasonable costs. Our core business solution is Digital Documentation / Bulk Scanning. We provide website development solutions using Joomla®™ and WordPress®™ Content Management Systems, hosting and domain registration.

The mission statement at Epaperz India is:

Think the customer to be your friend not a profit making tool.
Give the customer what he wants not what you have in mind.
Compromise on profits not on quality.

Eighteen successful years of providing cost effective solutions

Epaperz completes eighteen years from 2000-2018, a journey started by providing Digital Documentation and Bulk Scanning Solution and today has grown into a multi-solution company.

Epaperz today boasts of clients in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, research and development, libraries, hospitals, archival preservation, educational institutions, amongst a host of other sectors which it caters to.

With changing trends Epaperz now has increased its scope of operations by multiple offerings to its clients.